At AMM we provide expert knowledge for additive manufacturing services and 3D printed metal parts. We offer a local and independent capability to design, develop, rapid prototype and manufacture your future additive metal manufacturing solutions that will integrate with your manufacturing supply chain.

We look forward to engaging in discussion with you to start a journey to provide designs and solutions that are no longer constrained by traditional “subtractive” manufacturing practices.

Engineering and Design Consulting

We work directly with your product designers and your manufacturing people to ensure this Additive Metal Technology adds real value to your business. Tapping the full potential of Additive Manufacturing means understanding customer requirements better and developing creative solutions that provide superior results. Producing your components through Additive Manufacturing will allow our engineers to bring strategic solutions to your development needs.

Rapid Prototyping with Additive Metal

Additive Manufacturing is a highly effective technology for Rapid Prototyping and allows the rapid creation of shapes with unparalleled design freedom. Highly complex and functional prototypes can be produced quickly and cost effectively.

Additive Production

We provide seamless production of metal 3D printed parts in our local independent additive manufacturing facility. With advancements in additive manufacturing technologies there are new opportunities for rapid prototyping, short run production and product customization. Additive manufacturing is revolutionizing supply chains and adding real value for customers.


Additive Metal Technology known as 3D printing grows complex metal components from a fine metal powder and offers a wide range of metallic materials from stainless steel to aluminum alloys. Specialty machines using computer controlled high speed lasers are at the heart of this technology. Computer aided design interfaces allow designers to be liberated from the constraints of existing and conventional subtractive manufacturing while creating a disruptive yet productive influence on how future products may be designed and produced.

Additive Metal Technology is new and emerging and once understood and embraced by industry can provide significant product feature advantages in terms of reduced mass, thermal management, metallurgical integrity, reduced manufacturing process steps and in certain conditions lower fabrication costs and improved quality as well as reduced time to market for prototypes.