Additive Metal Manufacturing, Inc. (AMM), provides metal 3D printed parts.

AMM is a Product Design Consulting, Rapid Prototyping, Additive Metal Production independent service bureau located in Toronto, Ontario.

AMM assists a broad spectrum of manufacturing sectors embrace this new Additive Manufacturing Technology and provides client education and support to cost effectively integrate the Additive Metal Technology into clients’ product designs.

Services provided by AMM include rapid prototyping and the manufacture of Additive Metal product solutions (3D Metal Printing) in our facility to achieve Product Performance, Costs, Quality and Delivery advantages throughout the entire value stream.

The principals of AMM have 100 years of combined operational experience in the global manufacturing sector and are developing world beating collaborative relationships with clients and centres of excellence and learning.

AMM’s full time team will liaise directly with your product development team or your own process or tooling experts and develop a technical learning environment to reduce your learning curve and risk and ensure a successful and competitive early adoption of this new technology.

AMM is rapidly becoming the most progressive, productive and respected leader providing integrated and advanced manufacturing technology solutions within the emerging market for Additive Manufacturing. This will ensure that our industries have the best opportunity to excel and Take Back Manufacturing.

AMM has an aggressive growth plan and will within three years expand its capability to provide 150,000 hours pa of additive metal processing capacity.

AMM’s offering is challenging existing industry paradigms, increasing awareness, and generating innovative approaches for a more competitive journey for our industries.