Welcome to the Electronic Warehouse

Parts. Accessed. Simply.

We provide an electronic parts warehouse that allows the OEM to have a dedicated, on demand, 3D printing facility capable of rapidly producing metal and plastic components without having to invest in the cost of starting a separate additive manufacturing corporate facility.

Together with Anubis, AMM is able to offer an on demand facility to product and ship both METAL and PLASTIC component parts for the OEM without minimum quantities.

  • No stock. Low Volume – Parts that are no longer available from suppliers or low in volume and difficult to locate.
  • ToolingTooling no longer available, lost or damaged
  • No Minimum Order –  Minimum order quantity of 1 means you are no longer constrained by large minimum orders
  • Lead Time – parts available in days rather than months
  • Time Zone – North American manufacturing

The process

  1. Seminar – Introductory seminar provides OEM with a framework for part identification
  2. Warehousing – OEM transmits STEP files to AMM after part identification to be stored in an electronic part warehouse
  3. Part production – Following review and acceptance of STEP files, AMM grows one part for transmission together with PPAP (if required) for acceptance by OEM. Note: PPAP’s are computer controlled and repeatable
  4. Part completion – Part ‘goes live’ and is available for purchase by dealers after acceptance and sign off by OEM
  5. Automatic order approval – Dealers participating in program are provided an approval code by OEM
  6. Ordering – Parts can be ordered 24/7
  7. Delivery – Dealers are provided delivery status within 24 hours
  8. Billing – Daily shopping information is transmitted to OEM for billing purposes


Benefits to OEM

Management & Cost – Reduction in management effort, cost of carrying inventory, and all other attendant costs

On Demand Parts – Parts available on demands

No Physical Warehouse – Reduction in physical warehouse space requirements

Fast Delivery – Finite delivery window – rapid production turnaround

Order Quantity – One, minimum buys eliminated

Reduced Shipping Costs – Parts produced and shipped to demand location. No longer scattered across North America in anticipation of demand.

Preparation for the Future – Non-threatening corporate introduction to Additive Manufacturing and capability to produce new designs and prototypes.

Expert Access – Access to an expert engineering team of Additive Manufacturing Specialists in both disciplines (ie. plastic and metal).