Thank you to Shop Metal Technology for a great piece on our efforts in bringing Additive Metal Technology to Canada.

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Nigel Southway, Norman Holesh and David Slimowitz think they have a solution to help Canadian manufacturers become more globally competitive: additive manufacturing.

The three are the owners of a new business, based in Concord, ON,Additive Metal Manufacturing (AMM), a firm that offers engineering and design consulting, additive metal rapid prototyping and additive production services. The company is in the midst of developing a Centre of Excellence for additive metal manufacturing.

The idea behind the business and the Centre of Excellence is to make advanced manufacturing technologies accessible to Canadian manufacturers and in turn strengthen the Canadian manufacturing industry.

Holesh, who is CEO, says the company is anticipating rapid growth of the business that offers what he describes as a “low risk barrier to entry for industrial manufacturers that wish to avail themselves of this new emerging technology.”

AMM has an “aggressive growth plan,” says Holesh and within three years it plans to expand the facility’s capabilities to provide 150,000 hours annually of additive metal processing capacity.

The company is launching the business with one EOS metal additive machine but co-owner Southway says the plan is to have 20 machines by the middle of next year.

The three partners say AMM is not a tool shop and will not compete with existing machine shops. Instead, they see the business as a service bureau for additive manufacturing.

“We won’t be doing the same kind of manufacturing as a tool shop, instead we’ll be an additional service that complements what these shops do,” says Holesh.