We had a great time attended the RAPID 2016 show in Florida this May. Thank you to 3D Print for mentioning us in their write-up about the show. Below is the exert talking about AMM, you can see the full piece at www.3dprint.com

Speaking of expanding, RAPID 2016 was the first US trade show for Canadian company Additive Metal Manufacturing. Also a metal 3D printing service bureau, AMM launched just last year and has already been generating a lot of buzz in and around Toronto. I spoke with Nigel Southway, Co-Founder and Vice President of Engineering, who told me that one of the keys to the company’s successful present and future is their “young and vibrant” engineering team. Describing 3D printing as “a young man’s technology,” Southway told me that AMM has made a point of hiring engineers directly out of school. Young people are key to the advancement of the industry, he said, not just because they’ve had the opportunity to study the technology throughout their schooling, but because they aren’t set in their ways like many industry veterans. They don’t know the rules; they’re willing to explore – and exploration is what generates innovation.